Artists and Advocacy Groups Join Forces to Transform Politics - HYPERALLERIC

This year 13 artists created installations, such as the large one by Jesus Benavente, titled “I Still Remember You Mijo” (2018), consisting of large, red vinyl lettering spelling out the title of the piece, along with about 600 air-filled white balloons that slowly deflate. It evokes Benavente’s distress as a Mexican-American who has witnessed the malevolence toward immigrant communities leveled by the current federal administration, such as the separation of families at the border. Furen Dai’s “Silverwords” (2018) also consisted of balloons with black vinyl lettering spelling out phrases like “against the tide,” and “fearless,” while some words appeared to be written in Chinese characters. The overlap of their work speaks to New York’s art community, which largely consists of immigrants and has international connections; the precarity of the immigrants’ lives is poignantly evoked by the ephemeral balloon.

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